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Empower Local Business and Grow Ratables


Local businesses are an untapped engine for growth. 

We pledge to work with them to maximize growth.

  • Residential properties account for 75% of property values yet pay 85% of property taxes.  We need to grow ratables. 

  • Meet with every local business owner to determine needs and concerns.

  • Reform municipal code to address identified business concerns.

  • Eliminate administrative red tape.

  • Appoint Town Council member to work as Business Development Coordinator.

  • Encourage storefront renovations and expansions. (facelifts and rooftop dining)

  • Assist with permits to ensure speedy approvals. 

  • Monthly Business Forum meetings to facilitate business.

Streamline The Permit Process

Aberdeen is fast becoming famous for permitting delays.  We aim to change that.

Building Permits

  • Invest in technology to improve the permitting process. 

  • Establish permit webportal for online submissions, tracking and automatic updates.

  • Software upgrades to speed up plan reviews and document submissions. 

Planning and Zoning Board

  • Monthly Board meetings.  (no cancellations due to lack of quorum)

  • Schedule special board hearings as needed to eliminate backlog.

  • Preapplication meeting to advise applicants of requirements . 

Youth Mentoring & Bullying.

Our youngsters need guidance.  They are being inundated by social media and social pressures.  This has lead to an increase mental stress and anxiety. 


We need to help them navigate through these pressures. A mentorship program will help them realize their fullest potential.

  • Establish Big Sisters & Brothers of Aberdeen.

  • Work with parent groups to help curb bullying and aggressive anti-social behavior.

  • Organize more engage recreational activities like:
    • Skate parks.
    • Drone racing tournaments.
Infrastructure Improvement


  • Appoint Council member as point-person to address the issue.

  • Work with JCPL to identify the root cause of the power outages.

    • Downed trees on power-lines.

    • Blown transformers or outdated equipment

  • Constantly encourage JCPL to fix identified root cause.

  • Mobilize affected residents to file service complaints to increase pressure on JCPL to fix problems.

Aging infrastructure will become a bottleneck to our growth

  • Replace undersized water mains to increase flow capacity and reduce frequent water main ruptures.

  • Work with Sewerage authorities to ensure adequate intake capacity. 

Civic Engagement

A government should be accountable to its people.  It should be transparent, responsive and accessible. 


To that end, we aim to bring town hall to you.  We will:

  • Live Stream every City council meeting and all Board hearings

  • Footage will be archived and accessible online.

  • Proactively engage residents on social media.  

  • Share all major proposals via social media to get feedback.

  • Appoint a Council member as Engagement Coordinator.

Sidewalk Investments


Let's make Aberdeen the most walkable town in Monmouth County. Invest in sidewalks acr0ss Aberdeen to knit our neighborhoods together.  

Emphasis must be given to neighborhoods with a historic underinvestment in sidewalks. 

Recreational Activities

We'll work tirelessly to provide suitable recreational activities particularly for youths.  


  • Poll residents on proposed park ideas and honor vote results.  You vote it, we'll do it.

  • Inventory and repurpose all unused Township owned lots.

  • Hudson Trail improvement.

  • Skate Parks.

  • Basketball rec center.

Specific plans and proposals will be released via Facebook AberdeenGOP page.

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